14 Parenting Hacks and Random Helpful Advice for New Dads and Parents

Parenting hacks photoIt’s true: nothing can truly prepare you for being a parent, outside of the experience itself. However, a little research, preparation, and advice-seeking never hurt anyone. Below, we’ve compiled a few bits of random advice for new parents. Think of this list as a combination of “What we wish we knew as new parents” and “tips to make your parenting life a little easier.” We hope these tips will help you as you navigate this wild journey of fatherhood/parenthood!

  1. 3 months clothing is 0-3 months, so don’t wait until your child is 3 months old to break it out! (Same goes for 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, etc.)
  2. Car seat toys and playmat toys can have a second life after your child outgrows the infant car seat and playmat – hang the toys on doorknobs around your house to encourage baby to stand, or if baby is already standing and walking, for baby to have fun surprises around every corner!
  3. Keys make a great substitute rattle if baby is crying or bored and you’re outside with him and have no other toys.
  4. Babies are also fascinated by fingers. If you have no toys to entertain baby, just wiggle and wave your fingers up and down, side to side. Babies will love this!
  5. The same goes for clapping. And Peekaboo.
  6. The footed sleeper (with zipper, not buttons) will be your best friend in the early days and in the winter for keeping baby warm at home.
  7. Buy two of every accessory (hats, mittens, baby booties). You will need to wash one pair and you will want a spare. Plus, you may lose something and want to have a back-up handy.
  8. If you are freezing meals in preparation for baby, please note: eggs do not freeze well. (This is from our own personal experience!)  P1020760
  9. When baby is a little older, you can clean out their body wash/shampoo bottles by rinsing them in the bathtub during their bath. You get clean, empty bottles and they get a fun sensory experience: a bubble bath!
  10. Babyproof your house now while you are still expecting baby. Even if they won’t be able to crawl for another few months, it’s easier to do it before baby arrives than six to nine months from now, when you’re sleep-deprived and worn down from all your babycare duties.
  11. The same goes for older toys and bigger sizes of clothing. Register for these and have them ready to take out when baby is ready.
  12. If you’re storing baby’s bath toys in a plastic bin, put a towel at the bottom of the bin. This will absorb any excess water and prevent the toys from getting slimy or moldy on the outside.
  13. If using diaper rash, dab some onto a kleenex or wipe (instead of on your bare finger!) and use that to apply it to your baby’s bottom.
  14. Since you can’t buckle babies or toddlers in their car seats with their coats on, put their coats on backwards after you’ve buckled them in the car seat. (See photo below!)
  15. Reader tip: Newborns and young babies are fascinated by ceiling fans!


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